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Thursday - Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm (Starting October 28th)

2018 Juried Show - Accepted Pieces

First Name Last Name Image Name Category
Linda Abbott Pretty Little Vases Oil
Linda Abbott All The Way To Bridalveil Oil
Linda Abbott Contemplatimg Alternate Facts Oil
Hadi Aghee Coarced Agoraphobia Acrylic
Denny Ah-Tye Oceana Water Media
Margarita Anderson Thanksgiving at the Farm Acrylic
Miya Ando Kumo Cloud 12.12.2 Sculpture
Jan Atwood-Ramey Abby Pastel
Peter Baczek Transit Twilight Mixed Media & Graphics
Peter Baczek Sonoma Mixed Media & Graphics
Carole Belliveau The Beating Heart of a Dove Mixed Media & Graphics
Catherine Boyer Grant Sentinel Oil
Catherine Boyer Chinatown Orbs Oil
Catherine Boyer Wave Pattern Oil
Eric Brown Guatemalan Woman with a Bundle Water Media
Eric Brown Wood Sellers Patzicia Pastel
Sandra Campbell Shenandoah Vineyard Pastel
Shelley Castillo Garcia Grey Lady No. 03 Mixed Media & Graphics
Shelley Castillo Garcia Grey Lady No. 02 Mixed Media & Graphics
J.Y. Chang Spring Sunrise Mixed Media & Graphics
Suzanne D'Arcy Sweet Country Oil
Suzanne D'Arcy The Hay Harvest Acrylic
Jim Darke Off the Beach Acrylic
Jim Darke Mist Series 1 Acrylic
Judy Day PJ Water Media
Marilyn Eger Self Portrait Oil
Mina Ferrante Little Conductor Water Media
Mina Ferrante Magnolia Oil
Mina Ferrante Girl with Minie Cap Water Media
Mina Ferrante Orchids in Damask Vase Oil
Helena Ferrill Schweinehund #2 Sculpture
Susan Fox Mongol Horses Oil
Chella Gonsalves "Catalina Park Tucson" Oil
Chella Gonsalves Sedona Oil
Clark Gussin "Block, Tackle and Defend" Oil
Bruce Hancock Backstreet Locke Oil
Phyllis Hayes Valley Oak Leaves Oil
Phyllis Hayes American River Parkway pg. 98 Mixed Media & Graphics
Caroline Henry "In the Delta, Looking West" Mixed Media & Graphics
Glenyse Henschel Raven Haired Acrylic
Glenyse Henschel Big Fish Little Pond Acrylic
Shelley Hull Canyonlands Afternoon Acrylic
Rick Ingraham Half Moon Bay Sunset Oil
Jeff Ishikawa These Hallowed Hallways Water Media
William Ishmael Emptiness is Form Mixed Media & Graphics
Judith Johnson Sanctuary Acrylic
Jean Judd Rusted Lace #5 Mixed Media & Graphics
Norman Jung Asilomar Water Media
Justyna Kisielewicz Yellow Rocket Oil
Judith Kunzle Tango Study 9 Acrylic
Dixie Laws Lilies 3 Mixed Media & Graphics
William Lee Self Portrait Acrylic
Robyn Leimer Rocky Shoreline Oil
Robyn Leimer Canna Lillies II Oil
Diana Licon Tea Party Acrylic
Kristin Lindseth Spirit Mountain Sculpture
Kristin Lindseth Inner Transformation Sculpture
Kristin Lindseth Labyrinth of Time Sculpture
Cheryl Long Surprise Water Media
Carolyn Lord Mid-winter Lemons Water Media
Carolyn Lord January Oranges Oil
Michele Marez Roughed Up Oil
Ann McGill Making Hay While the Moon Shines Acrylic
Ann McGill Cleared for Take-Off Acrylic
Ruth McMillin Eggzactly Water Media
Jim Melquist Light the Way Sculpture
Mark Monsarrat Half Moon Bay Farm Oil
Mark Monsarrat Earthbound Tractor Oil
Vanessa Niederstrasser "Siri We Can" Acrylic
Andy Niel The Divisian Door Oil
Delbert Park The Cottages Oil
David Peterson Chili Smith Water Media
Thomas Pickarski Floating Blue Oil
Vicki R Ramirez Red Moon Sculpture
Kris Rehring Fleetwood Oil
Kris Rehring Hell’s Awnings Oil
Kris Rehring Line Cooks Oil
George Rivera Winter Oil
Nancy Roberts Filoli Unknotted Acrylic
Nancy Roberts Solstice Acrylic
Diane Rodriguez Black Widow Water Media
Diane Rodriguez Below the Plateau Oil
Diane Rodriguez "Early Summer Eve Barstow" Oil
Steven Roebuck Away Oil
Steven Roebuck 2 Suits Oil
Kent Rogerson Life’s Journey Oil
Kent Rogerson Grand Shadows Oil
Rosalind Rude Crooked Foot Pastel
Yvonne Saldana Beyond Thy Dream Mixed Media & Graphics
Glen Schofield Grandma's Scarf Acrylic
Tony Segale Whatz the Buzz Water Media
Tony Segale Pecotum Water Media
Tony Segale Nwotanihc Water Media
Tania Sen Depicting Her Essence Acrylic
Tania Sen Depicting Her Essence Oil
Shirley Sharp Almond Blossom Time Oil
Shirley Sharp Roses and Lilies in September Oil
Sue Siefkin The Sentinel Mixed Media & Graphics
Aura Skugariene Sun Kissed Mixed Media & Graphics
Lynn Slade Snags 6 Water Media
Marina Smelik Vanishing Vision of Incoherent Dimension Sculpture
Janis Smith Kaleidoscope Water Media
Mano Sotelo Beauty and Trickery Oil
Nela Steric "Boneyard" Series "Mass Grave no 77" Acrylic
JC Strote It's a Tangle Sculpture
Oceana Rain Stuart Eternal Bliss Sculpture
Jenna Tooley "All Treats No Tricks" Oil
Melinda Vahradian Fresh Produce Water Media
Vincent Walsh Carmel Cypress Acrylic
Norma Webb The Fog Returns Oil
Laurie Williams Black Tail Deer Acrylic
Randy Willson Ellie Mixed Media & Graphics
Dwight Yassany Indian Tawny Eagle in Flight Mixed Media & Graphics
Dwight Yassany African Spotted Eagle Owl Mixed Media & Graphics
Ann Zinck "Chair Studies: After VanGogh"
"After Valadon, After Hockney, After Cats" Water Media