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Artist of the Month

Glenda Burns
Artist Reception: August 111th | 4-7:00pm

Glenda Burns has had a life-long interest in art and in creating art. She has been pursuing this interest in earnest since her retirement from a teaching career in 2001. Glenda has explored various forms of artistic expression throughout her life and has worked successfully with multiple forms of artistic media, including oil painting, ceramic art, drawing and the painting of silk scarves. She has taken numerous painting and drawing classes at Delta College, and has shown at various exhibitions in the area. She is known for her colorful ceramic works and brightly colored scarves.

Artist Statement
In the variety of media with which I have worked, my objective has been to make things as beautiful and as full of life as I can make them be. I love working with color, and in oil painting, I enjoy exploring the relationships between colors and the movement that line, color, and form create. I work in a quick and loose way, applying lots of paint, experimenting and discovering as I go.

My work with pottery and with silk painting offers me an opportunity to make something people can use and enjoy. In pottery work, I endeavor to create pieces that feel good to hold and are decorated in a way that is colorful, cheerful, and rich with complex designs.

Show Theme: “Generations”
This show, “Generations”, which includes paintings, drawings, and ceramic art, represents my interest in the rich substance and compositional beauty of old photographs that I possess. I inherited them from my grandparents-some subjects of the photos are known and some unknown to me. Most of these people have lived their lives and are gone or have grown much older, but their vitality and presence in life is still visible in these photos.

I have been interested for years in finding ways to create art work using them as inspiration. I found a technique that I could use to represent these photos on my pottery and found that the images also worked with my decorating style. The images I have created on my pottery are simplified representations, but as I work with each image, I find I feel a connection to the person(s) whose photograph I’m observing, the event that they are part of, and the place and time where they are. I have loved getting to know them through recreating these moments in time. I plan to continue this effort because each photo represents another person to honor, remember, and relate to and because the making of each piece adds something that is meaningful to my life experience.