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Collagraph September 2017

Executive Committee Message

Dear Members,

The next Board of Directors meeting will be on September 6th at 4 pm. SAL members are urged to attend and to voice your opinions.

Board Executive Committee

Donated Artwork by Richard Mayo on Sale

About a dozen donated watercolors have now been matted and framed. Visit the gallery and check them out. They were all painted in 1947 around Monterey, CA. Also, more of Carl Miller’s drawings have been matted and are for sale in bins.

Thanks to Ruth Koon and Dick Massa for spearheading these two projects

Artist of the Month - Juried Show & Awards

Reception: September 9th | 4-7:00pm
Carousel by Richard Atchison

Join us for our 5th Fall Regional Open Juried Show Reception and Awards on Saturday, September 9, from 4-7pm at the Stockton Art League’s Elsie May Goodwin Gallery

The Suitcase Project

As some of you know, when foster kids are moved from family to family, from home to home, it is often an unpleasant experience. To add to their difficulties, they are often given just a garbage bag to hold their possessions for the move. The message this sends is totally the wrong one. They need to know they and their things are not trash that somebody cares.

Like others who have gotten involved, I’ve been collecting new and gently used suitcases, backpacks, and duffel bags, giving them a quick check-over for cleanliness, and delivering them to social workers to pass on to the kids. Over the last couple of years, we’ve spread the word up in the foothills well enough to have collected and delivered over 200 suitcases. Unfortunately, the need is nearly twice that! So, I’m asking my artist friends if you have any suitcases sitting around, that you pass them on to kids who have almost nothing. I’m willing to collect at the Gallery and deliver them.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and actions.

Note: Bring your suitcases to the gallery and Linda Abbott Trapp will come and pick them up.

Demo Artist of the Month - Raoul Mora

Reception: September 14th | 3-5:00pm
Raoul Mora

SAL offers opportunities for artists to reach their goal by implementing a drawing class under the superior direction of longtime art instructor Raoul Mora and supplying a beautiful gallery for the members to show their work. Raoul Mora who demonstrates new techniques, gives personal assistance, as needed and offers very useful critiques on the work that is being done as well as work that the artist has done at home and brought in for this purpose. There is no charge for this session although we do have a small optional raffle at this meeting.

Due to the summer hot weath-er, the group will meet at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery.

Raoul will conduct the critique at the near end of our drawing session, so bring in one piece of your recent work as well as a pencil and paper for the drawing portion.

Stockton Airport Schedule

October 17, 2017

Pick up & delivery, 9 am at airport. Airport receptions, 4-7 pm

Artists hanging at airport are now responsible for delivering and picking up their own artwork

Please submit your label information for each piece of artwork to Dick Massa at least a week before hanging of the show.

Airport Reception Schedule

October 24, 2017

Note: Any SAL members that are interested in hanging their artwork at the airport, please contact Denny Ah-Tye at:(209) 639-3720 or: dahtye225@gmail.com

Please check with Denny Ah-Tye before each airport reception, as the date may have changed.

Art League Member Instructors

John Carruthers
Art classes at Oak Park Senior Center
9:30am - 11:30
(209) 478-2731

Jean Janssen
Hutchins St. Square Community Center Watercolor
Beginner classes: 9am - 11am Thurs.
Intermediate & Advanced: Noon - 3pm Thurs.
(209) 333-5511

Clemmie King
Chinese Brush Painting (Ink) Workshops
(209) 478-2294

Ines Leontiev Hogan
Tracy Grand Theatre Center for the Arts
Relief Printmaking, Wednesdays, 6-9pm
Monotype Printmaking, Mondays, 7-9pm
Drawing, Tuesdays, 7-9pm
See www.atthegrand.org or: Ileontiev-hogan@gmail.com

Tina Moore, PSA, PSW
Pastel Painting Workshops/Instruction
(209) 931-2529

Raoul Mora
Free Drawing classes
2nd Thursday of every month, 3-5 pm
at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery

Gay Lynn Saunders
Wire Wrap Jewelry Classes
Private instruction and monthly classes at:
Hutchins Square Community Center, Lodi, CA
(209) 607-2669

Tony Segale
Watercolor & Brushing Lettering
(209) 642-0009

Membership Roster

Lifetime Memberships

Rosemarchy Fowell
Aleen Gall
Leonard George

Michelangelo Memberships

Nishka Yudnik

Monet Memberships

Denny Ah-Tye

Picasso Memberships

James Adher
Samuel Bassett
Pepe Pool
Rex Buethe
Tom Cleveland
Sharon Elizondo Jean Fontes
Signe Hickey
Cliff & Ann Johnston
Jackie Podesta
Mary Ann Poletti
Pat Price
Anne Sheldon
Janis Pastore Smith

Patron Memberships

Janet Bonner
H. Lee Dempsey, Jr.
John Carruthers
Rasheeda Clawson
Becky Clover
Dave Coyle
Betty Crawford
Peig Fairbrook
Robert Hamernik
Marcela Hutak
Ines Leontiev-Hogan
Clemmie King
Susan C. Lee
Mary Little

Gene T. Mar
Betty Myers
Una O’Farrell
Lynn Reynolds
Tony Segale
Leslie Sullivan
Michelle Zachlod

Base Memberships

Shawn Allen
Richard Balison
Amy Baskerville
John Berry
Rudi Blondia
Joel Blum
Amy Bowen
Darrell Burns, Jr. MD
Glenda Burns
Jane Burns
Joe Busalacchi
Kathy Comden
Phyllis Cook
Joyce Costa
Donna Costales
Stephen Coyle
Suzanne D’Arcy
Suzy Daveluy
Carolyn Eads
Marilyn Eger
Connie Elste
Richard Ernst
Susan Farley
Nicholette Fetsch
Maria Flumiani
Beatriz Flores
Jessica Fong
Virgil Foster
Shiloh Gastello
Laura Genecco
Janet Hardie
Mary Jack
Jun Jamosmos
Ernest Johnson
Christa Jones
Ruth Koon
Julia Lai
Beverly Lamontagne
Russell Lawson
John Lechner
Josie Lepe
Betty Liske
Kimba Livesay
Charlene Martin
Dick Massa
Beverly Fitch McCarthy
Janet Powell McKee
Tina Moore
Barbara Moznett
Sharon Murch
Karen Newman
Susan Obert
Wilma Ogella
Linda Osborne
Ann & Scott Pickering
Betty Jean Reynolds
Susan Riess
Jacques Rosas
Joy Ross
Gerald Salmon
Ronda Sanders
Sherri Sanguinetti
Gay Lynn Saunders
Janis Pastore Smith
Carina Solorio
Henrietta Sparkman
Frieda Marie Stewart
Phoebe Storey
J.C. Strote
Elaine Teller
Alex Teshin
Nancy Thomas
Mary Lois Thompson
Peggy Tobias
Jessica de laTorre
Craig & Lynne Veteran
Judy Vivian
Bobby Walls
Michelle Wiggins

Student Memberships

Andrew Ciminelli
Delia Davila
Victoria Davila
Angela Georgopoulos
Darlene Martinez
Engilieh Knitseu
Rhonda Nicholson
Gabriel Reyes

New SAL gallery guidelines for membership

  1. Each individual/artist must be a member of the Stockton Art League, and pay one of the existing membership dues levels. Minimum dues are $35/year.
  2. Each member may enter up to 4 pieces of their original art work in show (every 2 months). Work must be framed (unless the canvas sides are painted as part of the work) and have a wire hanger.
  3. Art work shall be recent work done within the last 4 years. All art work must be for sale. Once submitted, work will remain for the duration of the show, unless it is sold. It may then be replaced without additional fee. Displays may not be changed nor entered after show is hung without consulting Aleen, Gallery Director.
  4. There is a $5.00 charge for each painting entry into 2 month show. Exceptions are as follows:
    • Three-dimiensional work: $7.00 per month
    • Matted art work (in bins): $7.00 per 2 months
      (maximum of 15 pieces)
    • Jewelry: $7.00 per month
    • Scarves: $7.00 per month
  5. There will be a new exhibit approximately every 60 days. Art work may be re-entered every 6 months. Gallery receives 30% commission on all sold work. Schedule is published in the Collagraph Newsletter.
  6. Art work will be accepted at the discretion of the Gallery Director. Any unresolved issues will be referred to the Board of Directors for review.
  7. When exhibiting their art in Gallery, member is required to staff a minimum of 6 hours per month for each month their work is shown. Shifts are usually 3 hours twice a month, or one 6 hour shift - depending on member preference. If member is unable to staff at their scheduled time/date, it is their responsibility to find a replacement. If a replacement cannot be found, please notify the Gallery Director at least 24 hours in advance.
  8. At time of entry into 2 month show, a calendar will be available for staffing signup.
  9. For new members who have a working, full-time paid position of at least 5 days, OR a medical problem that would prevent staffing, the bi-monthly entry fee will be $7.00 per painting (four maximum) with 40% commission to the gallery on each piece sold.
  10. Please submit any concerns about the Gallery in writing to Dick Massa, Director of the Gallery.

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Collagraph Archive:

Calendar Events:

Sept 2
Juried Show acceptances hand delivered to gallery, 10am-4pm

Sept 5
5th Fall Regional Open Juried Show opens
Reception: 4-7pm
Awards ceremony: 5:30 pm

Sept 28
5th Fall Regional Open Juried Show closes

Sept 28 & 29
Pick up of Juried Show art work at gallery

Oct 12
Demo Artist, TBA
Reception: 3-5pm

Oct 14
Artist of the Month, Cheryl Long
Reception 4-7pm

Oct 27 & 28
Pick up & delivery

Note: Any SAL members are interested in hanging their artwork at the airport, please contact Pat Price at 209-451-2240