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Collagraph June 2018

President's Message

When I took the position of SAL President, I was full of passion and energy to assist our community gallery thrive and grow. I’ve experienced recent challenges including becoming very ill for over 2 months and then the death of my dear 25 year old son. As I’ve taken a back seat, it has been wonderful to witness our members coming forward with both their individual and combined contributions. Your willingness to take on responsibilities has greatly contributed to our momentum, however this is just the beginning. June 11th is our general meeting and I hope to see you there. It’s my vision that with all our involvement we can become a core inspirational creative outlet for our community.

Amy Baskerville

The next Board of Directors meeting will be on June 6th at 4 pm. SAL members are urged to attend and to voice your opinions.

Artist of the Month - Brennan Jeffery

Reception: June 9th | 4-7:00pm
Brennan Jeffery

My name is Brennan Jeffery. I'm a local practicing artist attempting to learn about myslef through my work. Each painting is a personal diary of my interests, influences, idiosyncrasies, and mental battles... The things that make us, us.

I grew up in Manteca CA, but didn't pick up a paintbrush till I attended SJDC in 2010. Once I was taught how to mix colors using a palette of primaries I was hooked. I've been studying and exploring painting on my own ever since, primarily using oil paint. My works have mostly been educational pursuits, each piece trying a new approach or scheme in hopes of learning something from it to further develop myself. - Brennan Jeffery

General Membership Meeting

Monday June 11, 5:30pm - 8:00pm

The Board of Directors is excited to host a fun night of friendly gathering, including sharing the exciting progress and vision of the Stockton Art League and Goodwin Gallery. Join with your fellow members for food, drinks, and art conversations.

Meet and Greet starts at 5:30PM. General Membership Presentation starts at 6PM.

SAL Welcomes Back Artist Demonstrations to the Goodwin Gallery

Hosting a variety of media, these demonstrations are FREE and Open to the Public. These motivating demonstrations are designed for the individual to develop an appreciation for all forms of art, and serve to enrich the appreciation of art in our community.

SAL had a successful attendance of 17 participants for the Artist Demonstration with Andrew D. Ciminelli on May 5th.

June 8th, 2018 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm the Stockton Art League presents the photographic talent of Andrew D. Ciminelli.

Join us for an evening at the Goodwin Gallery June 8th. In conjunction with his Artist of the Month Show, Brennan Jeffery will be sharing a precious point in his oil painting process- the underpainting. It allows for beautiful results with simple quick steps. Jeffery will also share about his background, influences and creative processes.

This event is FREE and Open to the Public

June 24, 2018 | 2:00pm - 5:00pm

On Sunday, June 24 from 2-5 PM, our guest demo artist is Heinie Hartwig who will paint a landscape the way the Old Masters did from 1860 to 1900. Hartwig primarily paints western landscapes although he also paints seascapes, animals, abstracts and still life.

Hartwig’s artwork has been favorably compared to Albert Bierstadt and John Constable for its romanticism, European feel and composition. The overall results of his experimentation and training have led to numerous commendations and awards, including the prestigious Triton Museum of Art competition. Hartwig’s artwork is proudly displayed in such venerated institutions as Brigham Young University, Mills College, the Robert Louis Stevenson School and the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies. His western landscapes may be found in the permanent collection of museums nationwide and in Russia.

This event is FREE and Open to the Public

Reminder Pickup & Delivery
June 29 & 30
During Gallery Hours 10:00am - 4:00pm

60th Juried Exhibition at The Haggin Museum

Thank you all who attended the Awards Reception May 17th.

A special thank you to Jesse Hendricks for his wonderful musical performance, to David LaFranchi and Leonel Castillo of Second Season for the delicious food and catering service, to this years' juror Sabina Turner for attending the reception, and to the delightful staff at the Haggin Museum for hosting another juried exhibition with the Stockton Art League.

In addition, a huge round of applause for this year's dedicated SAL Haggin Committee: Maria Flumiani, Sharon Elizondo, Clemmie King, Dick Massa, and Michelle Zachlod.

List of selected works available HERE »

Youth Art Program

Congratulations to the Youth Program for receiving the Muller Niven Grant! June 4th brings the start to a new YAP Summer Session.

The 2018 Muller Niven Grant has been awarded to the Stockton Art League to further pursue the Youth Art Program's mission: to provide low cost, high quality art instruction to the youth of Stockton, and to instill an appreciation as an enriching life experience, an awareness of the learning process in all endeavors, and a discovery of the power of creativity. With the dedicated work of Youth Art Program Director, Mary Little, and the YAP committee, the Stockton Art League was awarded a $1000 grant to continue impacting Stockton's young community.

June offers three 4-class sessions for ages 6-13. A few spots are still available, please send an email to stocktonartleague@gmail.com or call the Goodwin Gallery at (209) 466-6604 for more information.

In the Gallery: Artist Opportunities

Find workshop, classes, and artist opportunities here.
Call for Proposal | Workshop Survey

Upcoming Workshops

Drawing Class with Raoul Mora

Session: June 14th (Second Thursday)
Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Cost: $15.00 /month

Open to the public and SAL members, Basic Concepts of drawing are vital to every visual artistic medium. Mora brings his 39 years of experience as artist, teacher, and judge to the Stockton community at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery. Students will participate by practicing the basic concepts of contour drawing, sketching, and shading with black and white before going on to colored pencil.

Contact Ruth Koon, Thursday Drawing Class Coordinator, at (209) 329-8115

Anje Olmstead’s Collage Workshops

Session: Saturday July 21, 2018
Time: 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Join us Saturday July 21, from 12:30-3:30pm at the Goodwin Gallery. Anje Olmstead’s Collage Workshops are designed for beginner through professional.

This is a project anyone can do in just 2-3 hours and have a finished piece ready to be framed and hung on the wall.

Each piece is an original, based on the selections made by each artist. Registration for the workshop is $45, including materials. No experience needed.

Anje has taught this class at a local winery for the past 2 years. Artists enjoy the class so much that many take the class over and over again.

Find more information at Intro to Paper Collage on the Stockton Art League Online Store or contact stocktonartleague@gmail.com for more information.

Register for Workshop »

Open Studio Sessions at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery

Session: Tuesday Morning Open Studio
Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Open to all artists (Stockton Art League Members & Non-Member; beginning and advanced levels). The participants share their art experiences, exchange notes on new projects, and offer feedback on works in progress. There is a suggested $2 donation to help support more Stockton Art League programs.

Session: Thursday Afternoon Open Studio
Time: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Open to all artists (Stockton Art League Members & Non-Member) with various media including pastels, acrylic, and oil. Painting and drawing is encouraged. A small sink is available for clean up of water-based materials. There is a suggested $2 donation to help support more Stockton Art League programs.

Art League Member Instructors

John Carruthers
Art classes at Oak Park Senior Center
9:30am - 11:30
(209) 478-2731

Jean Janssen
Hutchins St. Square Community Center Watercolor
Beginner classes: 9am - 11am Thurs.
Intermediate & Advanced: Noon - 3pm Thurs.
(209) 333-5511

Clemmie King
Chinese Brush Painting (Ink) Workshops
(209) 478-2294

Ines Leontiev Hogan
Tracy Grand Theatre Center for the Arts
Relief Printmaking, Wednesdays, 6-9pm
Monotype Printmaking, Mondays, 7-9pm
Drawing, Tuesdays, 7-9pm
See www.atthegrand.org or: Ileontiev-hogan@gmail.com

Tina Moore, PSA, PSW
Pastel Painting Workshops/Instruction
(209) 931-2529

Raoul Mora
Free Drawing classes
2nd Thursday of every month, 3-5 pm
at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery

Gay Lynn Saunders
Wire Wrap Jewelry Classes
Private instruction and monthly classes at:
Hutchins Square Community Center, Lodi, CA
(209) 607-2669

Tony Segale
Watercolor & Brushing Lettering
(209) 642-0009

Membership Roster

New Memberships

Jeremy Givens
Kelly Bennett
Alan Cuenca
Lonni Magellan
Michael Randolph
Pablo Soria

Lifetime Memberships

Rosemary Fowell
Aleen Gall
Leonard George
Dick Massa

Michelangelo Memberships


Monet Memberships

Denny Ah-Tye
Mary Ann Poletti

Picasso Memberships

James Adger
Rex Buethe
John Carruthers
Sharon Elizondo
Robert E. Hamernik
Signe Hickey
Janet Powell McKee
Jackie Podesta
Pat Price
Lynn D. Reynolds
Kristen Rinaker
Ann Sheldon
Janis Pastore Smith

Patron Memberships

Janet Bonner
Rasheeda Clawson
Becky Clover
Dave Coyle
H. Lee Dempsey
Earline Lund
Cliff & Ann Johnston
Mary Little
Gene T. Mar
Betty Myers
Susan Obert
Arlene Potter
Mia Shappee
Leslie Sullivan
Nishka Yudnich
Michelle Zachlod

Base Memberships

Shawn Allen
Richard Balison
Amy Baskerville
Samuel Bassett & Pepe Pool
Theresa Bayaca
Rudi A. Blondia
Joel Blum
Amy Bowen
Darrell Burns, Jr. MD
Glenda Burns
Jane Burns
Catherine Christensen
Andrew D. Ciminelli
Phyllis Cook
Joyce Costa
Stephen Coyle
Betty Crawford
Suzanne D'Arcy
Garrett Compton Daniells
Jessica de la Torre
Brenda Edens
Laurie Eager
Marilyn Eger
Richard Ernst
George Fairbrook
Peig Fairbrook
Christine Fink
Beatriz Flores
Maria Flumiani
Jessica Fong
Kathryn Fong
Vicki Gaia
Conrad Garcia
Shelley Castillo Garcia
Shiloh Gastello
John Brenn Gooding
Roff Graves
Janet Hardie
Cecile Haynes
Tara Heinzen
Roy Hoggard
Marcela Hutak
Jun Jamosmos
Jean Janssen
Yohanna Jessup
Ernest Johnson
Christa Jones
Ruth Koon
Julia Lai
Sue LaMarr Kramer
Beverly Lamontagne
Russell Lawson
John Lechner
Judith Lighthall
Cheryl Long
Charlene Martin
Jim Melquist
Tina Moore
Barbara Moznett
Sharon Murch
Erna Murphy
Karen Newman
Wilma Ogella
Linda Osborne
Rhett Regina Owings
Yolanda Park
Scott & Ann Pickering
Pam Raney
Susan Riess
Gabriel Reyes
Joel Reyna Jr.
Joy Ross
Gerald Salmon
Karen Sanders
Ronda Sanders
Sherri Sanguinetti
Gay Lynn Saunders
Michael Schuchardt
Julie Schumacher
Ann Scott
Tony Segale
Alain Simoneau
Henrietta Sparkman
Lili Spiegel
Frieda Marie Stewart
Phoebe Storey
J.C. Strote
Ginny Sturmer
Elaine Teller
Alex Teshin
Jeanette R. Thomas
Nancy & Bill Thomas
Mary Lois & Syd Thompson
Peggy Tobias
Carolynne Toliver
Susan Von Sosten
Bobby Walls
Lee Otto Warren
Michelle Wiggins
Justine Wilson

New SAL gallery guidelines for membership

  1. Each individual/artist must be a member of the Stockton Art League, and pay one of the existing membership dues levels. Minimum dues are $35/year.
  2. Each member may enter up to 4 pieces of their original art work in show (every 2 months). Work must be framed (unless the canvas sides are painted as part of the work) and have a wire hanger.
  3. Art work shall be recent work done within the last 4 years. All art work must be for sale. Once submitted, work will remain for the duration of the show, unless it is sold. It may then be replaced without additional fee. Displays may not be changed nor entered after show is hung without consulting Jessica Fong, Gallery Director.
  4. There is a $5.00 charge for each painting entry into 2 month show. Exceptions are as follows:
    • Three-dimiensional work: $7.00 per month
    • Matted art work (in bins): $7.00 per 2 months
      (maximum of 15 pieces)
    • Jewelry: $7.00 per month
    • Scarves: $7.00 per month
  5. There will be a new exhibit approximately every 60 days. Art work may be re-entered every 6 months. Gallery receives 30% commission on all sold work. Schedule is published in the Collagraph Newsletter.
  6. Art work will be accepted at the discretion of the Gallery Director. Any unresolved issues will be referred to the Board of Directors for review.
  7. When exhibiting their art in Gallery, member is required to staff a minimum of 6 hours per month for each month their work is shown. Shifts are usually 3 hours twice a month, or one 6 hour shift - depending on member preference. If member is unable to staff at their scheduled time/date, it is their responsibility to find a replacement. If a replacement cannot be found, please notify the Gallery Director at least 24 hours in advance.
  8. At time of entry into 2 month show, a calendar will be available for staffing signup.
  9. For new members who have a working, full-time paid position of at least 5 days, OR a medical problem that would prevent staffing, the bi-monthly entry fee will be $7.00 per painting (four maximum) with 40% commission to the gallery on each piece sold.
  10. Please submit any concerns about the Gallery in writing to Jessica Fong, Director of the Gallery.

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07 | Artist Demo, Jun Jamosmos
14 | Jun Jamosmos, (AOTM Reception)
21 | Intro to Paper Collage with Anje Olmstead

01 | Board Meeting
04 | Artist Demo, Denny Ah-Tye & Pam Raney
11 | Glenda Burns, (AOTM Reception)
18 | Artist Demo, Glenda Burns
31 - 9/1 | Pickup/ Delivery

05 | Board Meeting
08 | Denny Ah-Tye & Rex Buethe, AOM Reception
15 | Abstract Watercolor Painting Workshop, Julie Trail

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