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Demonstration Artist of the Month

Raoul Mora
Artist Reception: Thursday, April 13th

SAL offers opportunities for artists to reach their goal by implementing a drawing class under the superior direction of longtime art instructor Raoul Mora and supplying a beautiful gallery for the members to show their work. Raoul Mora who demonstrates new techniques, gives personal assistance, as needed and offers very useful critiques on the work that is being done as well as work that the artist has done at home and brought in for this purpose. There is no charge for this session although we do have a small optional raffle at this meeting.

For those in the drawing class who wish to practice what they have learned under Raoul in a group for continued practice every Tues. from 14pm. This group provides friendship among artists and offers a disciplined time for artists to improved their skills who would not otherwise not find the time. Raoul is not in attendance for these sessions.