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Artist of the Month

November Artist of the Month Rudi A. Blondia

Rudi A. Blondia| Artist of the Month

Stockton Art League

November 9, 2019 | 4:00-7:00pm

Join us this November at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery for 20 x 24 Instant Photography by Rudi A. Blondia. This Event is FREE and Open to the Public

20 x 24 Instant Photography (November 2019)
This exhibit is the first time I show a selection of images I’ve created in 2017 with two different Polaroid 20” x 24” cameras. There were only 5 cameras built by Polaroid in the late 1970’s. Three more were built by Tracy of Mammoth Camera, Oakland. Only a few of these cameras are still operational in the world. These cameras generate the positive image in the camera, there is no useable negative, there’s no digital capture involved. Each print is unique, there’s no duplicate. As so often in my instant film work, I used expired chemistry to introduce artifacts in the image.

The womxn is by far my favorite subject and I’m constantly drawn by the feminine form, intelligence, insight, ability to emotionally connect and the way the interaction brings out the philosopher in me in search of a story about life and love.

About me:

Made and assembled in Belgium but reprogrammed in California.
I’ve been photographing as a calling since 2007 and I’m always looking for beauty expressed by energy, forms, light and raw emotions.

The journey to photography wasn’t the most straightforward one. I started out as a composer/conductor by training, dabbled in painting but spent a lifetime as a self-made inventor in cutting edge technology covering a variety of art and technology fields.

Laser and light special effects in music performance, movies and entertainment installations brought me to Los Angeles, California, where exposed to brilliant talent, I developed the ability to see beyond the surface. I don’t photograph subjects but I photograph the way they make me feel and how this translates into a visual story.

I’m currently based in Stockton, California but I have the privilege to work with great teams all over the world.

“The camera is the least important element in photography.” -Julius Shulman

The Artist of the Month Reception will be on November 9 from 4-7 pm, at the Goodwin Gallery, light refreshments will be served.