Through a community strategic plan, sponsored by a California Arts Council grant in fall 2020, the Stockton Art League is proposing to champion six initiatives with the help of community partners that wish to see growth of the arts and their resources in Stockton and San Joaquin County.



By supporting the Stockton Art League, you donation will go towards supporting at least one of these goals to build sustainable arts programs in our community. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Together, we can create a vibrant arts for all of the community to appreciate.




To have a city that understands and values all forms of arts and culture, specifically supporting local artists with opportunities for creativity, innovation, collaboration, sustainability, intersectionality, and honest dialogue.

Initiative 1: Multi-day Arts Symposium

(Potential Grant Opportunity in 2022 )

  • Arts demonstrations and performances
  • Partnerships and networking
  • Planning and conversation on supporting arts in Stockton

Initiative 2: Expansion of Goodwin Gallery

( Currently in Progress )

  • Increased programming and events
  • Engaging broader diversity of arts and cultures within and beyond the gallery space

Initiative 3: Arts Communication Hub

( Preliminary Planning )

  • Coordinating and sharing info on arts events (Art 211)
  • Resource and opportunity sharing for local artists
  • Digital and printed materials

Initiative 4: Advocacy for Sustained Local Funding

( Preliminary Planning )

  • Pursue past precedent for arts funding (endowment, tax measure)
  • Seek intersectional funding sources, demonstrating the impact of art/culture

Initiative 5: Creating Partnerships Demonstrating Intersections of Art

  • Collective impact
  • Projects demonstrating how local arts affects health, education, community improvement, etc.

Initiative 6: Developing and Enhancing a Cross-sector Arts Campaign

  • Promoting arts presence (and sales) in:
  • Local businesses
  • Government locations
  • Public spaces

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